Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas story

Christmas Story

Christmas to me is about the birth of Jesus Christ. But today i'm  going to talk about Santa Clause who is actually St Nicholas.It started out one day when Santa was a little boy and his parents and sister died from drowning in ice.When he was young no adults could watch him so they came up with and idea to take care of him every year one Christmas.Then Nickolas would go to another family.Only thing was that Nickolas was so nice that when ever it was Christmas Nickolas would make a wooden toy of an animal for everyone that took care of him when needed. No one would ever  know to.

There was though once this mean man who took care of Nicholas only because of his shop that made tools to get money and sell to try to help people. Until, later that day in Christmas Nicholas went outside to give everybody in the town a present and the old man caught him and said," boy what do you think you are going."Nicholas all scared replied,"giving everybody in the town presents for taking care of me when i needed a place to stay."The old man thought about how Nicholas helped him with the shop and feeding him,so he let him go on with him to deliver the present with a sled that was big enough for the both of them.few years later, when Nicholas was older the old man moved to live with his sons and gave him a key that had a lot of gold for him to give people presents for Christmas. Nicholas became Santa Clause.

taylo swift

Singer of the day
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is today singer of the day because of her new album RED which was released October 22,2012.The albums best lead single was we are never ever getting back together was a worldwide commercial success.As it sold 623,000 copies from itunes chart.This is the video below.

This was Taylor Swift first hot 100 chart.Taylor Swift started from 72 to one and stayed on top for three weeks.She's a great country and pop singer.So even if your not as big as a fan like me still check her out.You just might like her.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Did You Know

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and spend time with your family.Thanksgiving is also when you have a big dinner.One food in Thanksgiving you could eat is turkey.I bet you didn't know when there was first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Native Americans there wasn't any turkey,mash potatoes,or pumkin pie.In fact it wasn't just one big meal, it was a three day feast. George Washington made an annual on thanksgiving to be a holiday on a thursday november,26.

Ussualy when my family celebrate Thanksgiving we have turkey,pumpkin pie,yams,and chicken.We would pray when we eat and also tell jokes.Sometimes we would also give presents to each other. What about you.Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and to be with your family to have a big meal.

Monday, October 1, 2012



How about them Giants

 One of the NFL teams in football is the New York Giants.They did amazing last year by going all the way to Super Bowl XLVI (49).It was a fantastic game when the New England Patriots .Now it's 2012 and the New York Giants are 2-1 on a good start.They lost their first game to there rivalry the Dallas Cowboys 24-17.

The Giants get their rhythm back from losing streak

The Giants later defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41-34 and the Carolina Panther 38-7. It looks like they got there rhythm back this season and i think they just might make the playoffs. The Giants are one of the best comeback teams in the history. Eli Manning 18 NFL fourth quarter comeback games. This off season during the draft the Giants picked David Wilson since #44 had an injury. The Giants are on of the best teams in football.